Extending the Benefits of GaN Solutions from Power Delivery to Other Industrial Applications

SEMICON Taiwan 2022 功率暨光電半導體論壇 | NExT Forum

【講者】 李原榮 Mr. Luke Lee President of Korea, Taiwan and South Asia, Texas Instruments
【講題】Extending the Benefits of Gallium Nitride (GaN) Solutions from Power Delivery to Other Industrial Applications
【摘要】 Global trends such as electrification and increased focus on renewable energy sources are pushing power supply design engineers to find new ways to fit more power into smaller spaces and increase device performance while lowering cost. Where traditional silicon-based power ICs are approaching their physical limits, wideband gap semiconductors can make all the difference.​ In this presentation, you will learn how gallium nitride (GaN) ICs enable power designers to improve the amount of power processed in a given form factor – or power density – through high efficiency and fast switching frequencies. Through industry examples, you will understand the benefits that TI’s GaN power devices with integrated gate drivers and built-in protection features deliver in power delivery applications, such as telecom & server power and UPS.​ You will also learn about the potential GaN can offer in other application areas, which are today mostly dominated by Si- and IGBT-based solutions, including GaN’s ability to increase channel density in test & measurement applications, increase power density in energy storage systems and minimize the trade-offs between efficiency and cost for appliances.


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