Revealing Wireless Channel Features – Reconstruction and Exploitation

NExT Forum:B5G/6G新世代之新型態通訊

【講者】Tony Q.S. Quek Head of ISTD Pillar Singapore University of Technology and Design

【講題】Revealing Wireless Channel Features – Reconstruction and Exploitation

【摘要】With the future trend of moving towards higher frequency with larger bandwidth, larger antenna arrays as well as higher density of wireless devices, this will greatly expand the wireless channel in terms of frequency, space, and user domains. However, the downside of the huge size of this multi-domain channel is the challenge of acquire the channel state information for channel reconstruction. As such, there is a need to develop novel techniques to reconstruct the wireless channels through exploiting the wireless channel features. In this talk, we will first motivate why revealing wireless channel features is essential to efficiently reconstruct the wireless channels and will share some of our recent works in this area.

協辦單位:IEEE Vehicular Technology Society Taipei Chapter、新北市政府、香港城市大學、財團法人人工智慧科技基金會、財團法人三創育成基金會