Reduce-and-chop: Shallow circuits for deeper problems

TimeJun 16, 2023, 4:00 pm (Taipei Time)
SpeakerAdrián Pérez-Salinas
TitleReduce-and-chop: Shallow circuits for deeper problems
Personal informationAdrián Pérez-Salinas is a postdoctoral researcher based in Leiden University, in the Netherlands, in the group of Applied Quantum Algorithms. He obtained his PhD in 2021 in Barcelona Supercomputing Center, and University of Barcelona, Spain, under the supervision of José Ignacio Latorre and Artur Garcia-Saez. His works have focused on Quantum Machine Learning, and implementation of algorithms in near-term quantum computers. His current research interest are efficient representation and manipulation of quantum states, analysis of variational quantum algorithms and capabilities of machine learning models.