Getting to useful quantum computing sooner

Getting to useful quantum computing sooner

NExT Forum:Quantum Computing

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🟢Speaker: Dr. Steve Brierley , Founder and CEO, Riverlane Steve is founder and CEO of Riverlane, which is a building the common Operating System for all quantum computers. He founded the company in 2016 because of his passionate belief that quantum computers capable of accelerating an era of human progress as significant as the industrial and digital revolutions could be created far sooner than previously imaginable. Today, Riverlane is well on its way to achieving that mission. Steve has worked in quantum for 20 years, is an expert advisor to the UK government. He has a PhD in mathematics and has worked as a research fellow at the University of Cambridge amongst other institutions.

🟢Title: Getting to useful quantum computing sooner

🟢Abstract: Quantum computing is an amazing idea that has the potential to transform computation. I’ll talk about why that is the case with some examples and how we are using systems engineering at Riverlane to realise this huge potential.