Integrated photonic chip technology for quantum computing and communication

NExT Forum:Quantum communication technology and applications
【講者】 Yen-Hung Chen, Professor, Department of Optics and Photonics, National Central University 陳彥宏教授|國立中央大學光電科學與工程學系
【講題】Integrated photonic chip technology for quantum computing and communication
【摘要】 Quantum photonics has progressed rapidly and becomes a promising technology for realizing various state-of-the-art quantum devices and systems advantageous for, e.g., communications, information processing, computing, and sensing applications. Compared to the mature development in information and communication technology with classical bits, through quantum superposition and quantum entanglement, quantum computers using qubits have provided a huge quantum parallelism, resulting in solving problems in an ultra-fast speed beyond the computational power of today’s supercomputers. On the other hand, further founded on the fundamental laws of quantum mechanics like the uncertainty principle and the no-cloning theorem, networking and communications with absolute security can be assured using a quantum optical communication technology based on quantum key distribution without concerns of the threats from the rising (quantum) computational supremacy. Quantum photonic technology features many unique advantages, including workable at room temperature, transmitting/modulating information with high speed and huge bandwidths, compatible with CMOS and fiber-optic technologies, free from vacuum and magnetic systems, and scalable using such as multiplexing technology. In this talk, I will mainly introduce our recent studies on silicon/LN-based integrated photonic chip technology for quantum computing and communication applications.

Co-Organizer:財團法人人工智慧科技基金會AIF 、國家理論科學研究中心物理組NCTS Physics