High-Reliability Perovskite Quantum Dots Using Atomic Layer Deposition Passivation for Novel Photonic Applications

Tzu-Yi Lee, Tsau-Hua Hsieh, Wen-Chien Miao, Konthoujam James Singh, Yiming Li, Chang-Ching Tu, Fang-Chung Chen, Wen-Chung Lu and Hao-Chung Kuo

Nanomaterials , 12(23), 4140 (2022) — Published in November 2022


In this study, we propose highly stable perovskite quantum dots (PQDs) coated with Al2O3 using atomic layer deposition (ALD) passivation technology. This passivation layer effectively protects the QDs from moisture infiltration and oxidation as well as from high temperatures and any changes in the material characteristics. They exhibit excellent wavelength stability and reliability in terms of current variation tests, long-term light aging tests, and temperature/humidity tests (60°/90%). A white-light system has been fabricated by integrating a micro-LED and red phosphor exhibiting a high data transmission rate of 1 Gbit/s. These results suggest that PeQDs treated with ALD passivation protection offer promising prospects in full-color micro-displays and high-speed visible-light communication (VLC) applications.