Monolithically Integrated GaN Chips

SEMICON Taiwan 2022 功率暨光電半導體論壇 | NExT Forum

【講者】 陳科宏 Dr. Ke-Horng Chen 講座教授, 電機工程學系,國立陽明交通大學 Chair Professor, Department of Electronics and Electrical Engineering in NYCU
【講題】 Monolithically Integrated GaN Chips
【摘要】 Monolithically integrated chips fabricated from depletion-mode GaN (dGaN) and enhancement-mode GaN (eGaN) devices have recently been developed. The development of monolithically integrated GaN solutions has become a challenge to replace MOSFET solutions due to GaN process deficiencies. Current trapping effects, self-heating issues and back gating effects degrade the overall GaN chip performance in high power density solutions. Therefore, in this presentation, a temperature compensated (T-compensated) controller, fast turn-on (FTO) technique, metastable fast (MSF) comparison technique, pre-driving technique and desaturation technique for driving an integrated 650V eGaN power switch are demonstrated in the development of monolithically integrated GaN solutions. Continuous GaN processes and design techniques can ensure the success of monolithically integrated GaN solutions.


Sponsor: AIXTRON SE、BENEQ、GaN Systems Inc.、漢民、IQE、KLA Corporation、Oxford Instruments、United Microelectronics Corporation、WIN Semiconductors Corp.