Compound Semiconductors: The Next Generation of Semiconductors

SEMICON Taiwan 2022 功率暨光電半導體論壇 | NExT Forum

【講者】 但唐諤 Mr. Simon T. Dann 總經理,高平磊晶科技股份有限公司 President, IQE Taiwan
【講題】 Compound Semiconductors: The Next Generation of Semiconductors
【摘要】 Silicon’s physical limitations are being reached and new materials are needed to solve technology challenges created by the demand from megatrends such as IoT, autonomous driving and the drive to Net Zero. The next generation of electronics are enabled at the fundamental materials level using compound semiconductors, where innovation is creating vectors of growth. It is known that compound semiconductors only consume a fraction of the energy that current materials consume to store, route, transmit, and detect data, and materials such as GaN and SiC are being adopted for efficient, robust high voltage applications. There is no Net Zero without compound semiconductors. Innovation comes with stringent performance requirements and next generation devices require that materials be engineered at the atomic level using epitaxy; this precision engineering must be done at scale to meet the volume requirements of the market.


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