Private 5G and Edge Compute to enable Digital Transformation

NExT Forum:B5G/6G新世代之新型態通訊

【講者】Devesh Gautam
Head of Technical Specialist, Asia, Azure for Operators., Microsoft
【講題】Private 5G and Edge Compute to enable Digital Transformation
【摘要】Though the Mobile Industry has received tremendous success in including about half of the population to the Internet, the digital divide has just become bigger. 5G, Industry4.0, IoT, AI, Smart Cities are mainly technology driven, and do not sufficiently answer the societal challenges.
Knowing that we will only reach the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) without digital inclusion requires a paradigm shift. ”It is not a question of affordability; it is a question of sustainability to get everyone participating in the digital society”.
Cloud and telecommunication: A perfect fit for next-generation networks
It is well understood that some of the most sophisticated technologies that make up 5G can be implemented in software running on off-the-shelf servers. This is exciting because we can slowly but surely walk away from specialized hardware, which has been used in all the previous four generations of telecommunication networks. Transitioning to software will help reduce the overall capital and operational expenses for telecommunication providers. Equally important, this shift from hardware to software will make such networks future-proof because they will empower the telecommunications industry to become nimble and aggressive when rolling out desirable features at a regular cadence rather than having to wait a decade or so for the next generation standards to emerge. Innovation will thrive as we create a world were going from one generation to another is a software upgrade, just as the cloud industry has been doing for over a decade.

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