Perovskite-Gallium Nitride Tandem Light-Emitting Diodes with Improved Luminance and Color Tunability

Zong-Tao Li, Hong-Wei Zhang, Jia-Sheng Li, Kai Cao, Ziming Chen, Liang Xu, Xin-Rui Ding, Bin-Hai Yu, Yong Tang ,Jian-Zhen Ou ,Hao-Chung Kuo , Hin-Lap Yip

Advanced Science, 2201844 (2022) — Published in May 2022


Tandem structures with different subpixels are promising for perovskite-based multicolor electroluminescence (EL) devices in ultra-high-resolution full-color displays; however, realizing excellent luminance- and color-independent tunability considering the low brightness and stability of blue perovskite light-emitting diodes (PeLEDs) remains a challenge. Herein, a bright and stable blue gallium nitride (GaN) LED is utilized for vertical integration with a green MAPbBr3 PeLED, successfully achieving a Pe-GaN tandem LED with independently tunable luminance and color. The electronic and photonic co-excitation (EPCE) effect is found to suppress the radiative recombination and current injection of PeLEDs, leading to degraded luminance and current efficiency under direct current modulation. Accordingly, the pulse-width modulation is introduced to the tandem device with a negligible EPCE effect, and the average hybrid current efficiency is significantly improved by 139.5%, finally achieving a record tunable luminance (average tuning range of 16631 cd m−2 at an arbitrary color from blue to green) for perovskite-based multi-color LEDs. The reported excellent independent tunability can be the starting point for perovskite-based multicolor EL devices, enabling the combination with matured semiconductor technologies to facilitate their commercialization in advanced display applications with ultra-high resolution.