A new era for Compound Semiconductors :Opportunities and Challenges

A new era for Compound Semiconductors :Opportunities and Challenges

Speaker: Dr. CHIH- I WU
Vice President and General Director
Electronic and Optoelectronic System Research Laboratories,ITRI

NExT Forum: Compound Semiconductor in E – Vehicle
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KEYNOTE SPEECH: Changing the world with GaN by Nobel Laureate Prof. Hiroshi Amano
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The third-generation semiconductor materials of GaN and SiC, belong to the group of WBG semiconductors, are increasingly being touted as an alternative to silicon for 5G and EV applications.
We gather prestigious speakers and industry leaders together to share their insights and innovative technologies.
This virtual meeting will address key topics in the field of GaN and SiC mainly focusing on EV applications, which will inspire the leaders in the industry and encourage all the participants to a promising future.

Organizer: Hon Hai Research Institute (Foxconn), SEMI Taiwan, NYCU