Gateway towards recent developments in quantum dot-based light-emitting diodes

Yu-Ming Huang,  Konthoujam James Singh, Tsou-Hwa Hsieh, Catherine Langpoklakpam, Tzu-Yi Lee, Chien-Chung Lin, Yiming Li, Fang-Chung Chen, Shih-Chen Chen, Hao-Chung Kuo and Jr-Hau He

Nanoscale, 14, 4042 (2022) —Published in March 2022


Quantum dots (QDs), with their excellent photoluminescence, narrow emission linewidth, and wide color coverage, provide unrivaled advantages for advanced display technologies, enabling full-color micro-LED displays. It is indeed critical to have a fundamental understanding of how QD properties affect micro-LED display performance in order to develop the most energy-efficient display device in the near future. However, to take a more detailed look at the stability issues and passivation ways of QDs is essential for accelerating the commercialization of QD-based LED technologies. Knowing about the most recent breakthroughs in QD-based LEDs can give a good indication of how they might be used in shaping the future of displays. In this review, we discuss the characteristics of QD-based LEDs for the applications of display and lighting technologies. Various approaches for synthesis and the stability improvement of QDs are addressed in detail, along with recent advancements towards QD-based LED breakthroughs. Moreover, we summarize our latest research findings in QD-based LEDs, providing valuable information about the potential of QD-based LEDs for future display technologies.