Seminar: Hamiltonian simulation with truncated Taylor series

2021. 7/02 FridayTime: July 2, 10:00 – 11:00 (Taipei Time)
Speaker: Chien Hung Cho (NTU, Physics)
Title: Hamiltonian simulation with truncated Taylor series
In this paper, they provide an efficient way to simulate Hamiltonian dynamics by approximating the truncated Taylor series of the evolution operator.
Their method is flexible and can simulate the dynamics of wide variety of physical system. In this talk, I will introduce the core idea of their works,
including linear combinations of unitary operations(LCU) and how to using truncated Taylor series to simulate Hamiltonian dynamics.
Mr. Chien-Hung Cho is a Ph.D. student at Dr. Ching-Ray Chang’s group, Physics Department, National Taiwan University.