Seminar: Quantum Assisted Simulator

2021. 6/4 FridayTime: 10:00 – 11:00
Speaker: Jia-Yang Gao (Hon Hai Research Insitute)
Title: Quantum Assisted Simulator
Introduce the work from Kishor Bharti and Tobias Haug from CQT-NUS called Quantum assisted simulator:
Key idea: they provide a novel hybrid quantum-classical algorithm for simulating the dynamics of quantum systems. Without loss of generality, the Hamiltonian is assumed to be a linear combination of unitaries and the Ansatz wavefunction is taken as
a linear combination of quantum states. The quantum states are fixed, and the combination parameters are variationally adjusted. Unlike existing variational quantum simulation algorithms, their algorithm does not require any classical-quantum feedback loop and by construction bypasses the barren plateau problem. Moreover, their algorithm does not require any complicated measurements,
such as the Hadamard test. The entire framework is compatible with existing experimental capabilities and thus can be implemented immediately.